Process and services

Over the years, François has developed a range of unique tools to structure comprehensive real estate solutions for companies of all sizes. Regardless of their size, all real estate transactions are of great importance. Not only are large amounts invested, but these transactions have a major impact on the company and even the careers of its decision-makers

The decisions and choices surrounding the real estate process can be long and complex when they involve several people. This is why François accompanies decision makers at each stage of the process leading to the achievement of consensus. He bases his approach with his unique Consensus Management™ planner tool to simplify the process of decision making for all stakeholders.

For companies who have adopted the vision of enabling their employees to participate in a relocation decision, his Buy-In Management™ planner helps complete the process by ensuring active collaboration by employees thereby strengthening employee retention strategy without needlessly lengthening the real estate decision process.

Lease Renewal

A lease that meets its business objectives is a must for companies of all sizes.

New Space – Acquisition

It isn’t enough to find the perfect space; the terms and conditions of the lease agreement should specifically reflect operational requirements and support its achievement of business objectives.





"Francois did an excellent job helping our global investment firm find suitable office space in Montreal. His guidance through the process of locating, leasing and renovating our new office was highly appreciated. I would have no problem recommending Francois to anyone looking for a commercial real estate agent."

− Scott MacDonald, Co-founder and Managing Partner at McRock Capital

"In the service business, promises are cheap. In the advisory business, mistakes cost money and time. After coming to us highly recommended, Francois was retained by our firm. After completing the transaction for our new premises I can say that he is ahead of the game and masters both areas of business. He puts his clients’ requirements ahead of his own, thinking strategically in a business which is not our own. His recommendations are made as for his own company. François’ has a great vision of how leased space should support business objectives. He delivers additional value by creating flexibility and delivers on his promises. Not only he achieves outstanding results, but François is committed to us and is supporting us over all the term of our lease, he always finds time for his clients. I have not hesitated to recommend Francois to other executives which have had the good sense to hire him."

− Louis Brun, Senior Vice-President, Channels & International Sales at Guavus

"François provides highly competent real estate services at all phases of projects. He is very dedicated and committed to his clients. He is an experienced and astute negotiator and leads complex projects with experience, energy and determination. Most importantly, he delivers on his undertakings. I have no hesitation to recommend his services for business, commercial or industrial real estate projects."

− Richard La Rue, Vice-president, Career Management and Coaching Consulting at Optimum Talent