Find a new space

There comes a point when your existing space no longer ideally meets your business requirements or operational considerations. This may arise from a change in size or business strategy, the incorporation of new operations or new technology or from an effort to renew your brand.

Buy versus Lease : a strategic analysis

A decision to lease or purchase can have a significant impact on your business prosperity over the long term. A thorough financial analysis as well as analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario is a first step towards making an informed decision. A large majority of companies prefer the flexibility of renting premises, especially if their staff levels often vary. However, each business is unique and a purchase may prove to be a beneficial alternative under certain specified circumstances.

New lease

As is the case for a lease renewal, it’s important to define the ideal conditions that will support the achievement of business objectives and long-term growth. Thorough financial and qualitative analysis can identify and assist in selecting buildings and spaces that meet pre-set conditions. Only pertinent locations are retained for further analysis, visits and negotiations.