Residential Broker Referrals

You are great at what you do. You market homes and properties obtaining the best market prices within the shortest possible time frame for your vendor clients. You help home buyers find the properties that suit them best and negotiate the best acquisition price. You counsel all your clients by providing them with the best advice possible.

You work hard to earn your money and like most great brokers, you are a true professional. You deliver results to the best of your abilities. Everything you do is done with one purpose in mind, to satisfy your client.

There are huge partnership opportunities between residential and commercial practices. Our real estate contact networks are a very valuable asset.

But like most other brokers, you are either too busy or unwilling to get involved in commercial transactions. Alternatively, you combine residential with some commercial work as well, perhaps staying away from larger transactions or are not very familiar with leases.

In either case, you are potentially walking away from important additional revenue. What if every potential commercial opportunity could generate income for you, without need for your direct involvement ? This without any risk of losing a residential mandate nor the reputation you have worked so hard to build.

With over 27 years of experience representing some of the largest tenants and countless smaller sized companies, Francois Brosseau is a recognized leader in lease and commercial transactions in the Greater Montreal and Quebec regions. Unlike many other colleagues, he does not conduct any residential brokerage and thus is never in conflict with your own interests

As a residential real estate broker, you are in regular contact with executives and business owners with offices, shops, factories and warehouses. You can now reap the fruits of these relationships with clients, friends and family. Because they value your advice, they will thank you for referring them to one of the leading experts and outstanding professionals in the commercial business.

Contact François Brosseau for more information on a partnership opportunity and the possibility for significant referral remuneration.


  • Numerous members of your network certainly have a business or commercial requirements. Our partnership pays off, without excessive time or effort necessary
  • Your clients will be satisfied, grateful and remain loyal to you
  • Having never brokered residential transactions, we will remain collaborators rather than competitors
  • Don’t let business opportunities slip through your hands for lack of time or experience

Why François Brosseau?

  • Numerous members of your network certainly have a business or commercial requirements. Our partnership pays off, without excessive time or effort necessary
  • Unmatched commercial and corporate experience in all sectors of the market
  • New lease, lease renewal, purchase, sale, sublease – across Quebec
  • Total confidentiality
  • Diligence and professionalism
  • Recognized leader
  • Career volume in excess of a billion dollars in leasing, purchase and sale transactions

Commercial Broker Referrals

As comfortable in a client boardroom as on a conference call with executives in Chicago, François has worked with local and international businesses for over 27 years, implementing sound real estate solutions to meet client real estate needs. His objectives are always yours: to surpass client expectation and make you look good in the process.

As companies reach out globally, commercial and corporate real estate requirements follow in tandem. In this context it’s critically important to have access to local expertise that offers the same high level of expertise and service from one market to another.

Contact François Brosseau for local or international expertise.