Certified Commercial Real Estate Broker

Greater Montreal office, industrial, retail and restaurant space and transaction requirements

"Real estate should be structured around your business objectives and not the other way around. This is the new paradigm, yet many landlords still do business as if their needs are supremely more important than their those of their tenants."

"The strength of the commercial real estate market does not depend upon product, it is dependent upon demand – ultimately it is the corporate tenant that holds the power. "

"If you wish to set up business in Quebec, you had better understand all aspects and dynamics of market supply so as to take fully advantage of opportunities."

"To renew a lease successfully one must establish credible relocation scenarios in light of both market conditions and the company's business objectives. "

"Over the past two decades I’ve preached that flexible lease terms and conditions are the number one crucial issue for corporate tenants – ultimately finding the landlord that will agree to these terms and conditions is a means to assure my clients the competitive advantages they require to stay ahead of the game."

Awards and Recognitions

Montreal Dealmaker (awarded by Oxford)

2007 2008 2010

Hall of Fame award recipient  – RE/MAX Commercial international for number of transactions and cumulative production

January 2017

RE/MAX Commercial global network

Francois Brosseau works with top level professionnals and thought leaders from across the globe, regularly contributing to advance the firm’s knowledge and best practices


Whether the discusion in the Globe & Mail is about the right time to invest in the purchase of a buildingor about the renewal of your corporate lease according to Montreal’s business weekly Les Affaires François Brosseau is a respected authority on the subject of commercial real estate. With over 25 years of experience managing diverse and complex commercial real estate requirements in Montreal and internationnally, François Brosseau is a committed broker representing the interests of companies, users of commercial space, thus that conduct their business from real estate they lease or own outright. This is in contrast to those brokers that only represent the interests developers or property owners. With a wide espertise in office, industrial, retail, restaurant and hotel sectors of the industry, Francois is a recognized leader across the Americas and a strong asset within the RE/MAX Commercial worldwide network. François’ mission is to create a strong competitive advantage for his corporate clients. His experience enables him to discover and implement synergies that combine the right choice of real estate with their business goals, true customized solutions that support and enhance client operational and financial performance objectives.


  • Brokerage services
  • New lease acquisition, lease renewal, sublet
  • Tenant representation
  • Purchase or sale of real estate assets
  • Negotiation
  • Real estate strategy
  • Audit (lease, obligations, landlord charges)
  • Mergers & acquisitions – real estate workout
  • Strategic planning
  • Workplace strategy
  • Space optimisation



The strain of lease expiries and limited opportunity to purchase is real. Whatever the constraints, François delivers convincing results with diligence.


Francois is known for his obsession with service and passion for results. Through a rigorous methodology, François composes with a multitude of parameters to achieve results that meet the business objectives of companies in all business sectors: professional, industrial or retail.


Trust is the foundation of any business relationship … and trust can only be earned. Francois is trusted advisor to hundreds of companies that he’s served for many years. No matter their size or business, he’s represented prestigious law firm clients to public companies headquartered in New York, Toronto or Chicago.


• Career start as a young company president at Cemp Investments Ltd. (predecessor to Claridge and Bronfman family holding company) which created what became Cadillac Fairview, one of the leading real estate conglomerate in North America; • 28 years of specialization in representing corporate interests and institutions such as BCF, the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec, Telefilm Canada, RAMM Aerospace, the Palais des Congrès de Montreal, the Canadian Institute of Pension and Benefits as well as the Regulatory Organization of Real Estate Brokerage in Quebec (OACIQ); • Among the brokers with the most varied experience in transactions of all sizes; in all industry sectors of office, industrial and retail; in Greater Montreal, in Toronto and even in New York; • Participated in the purchase / sale of trophy properties such as Le 1000 de la Gauchetière, the Cité du Multimédia as well as office and retail buildings of all sizes throughout Montreal; • Founder of specialized commercial real estate firms: in 2003, Cityspace Corporate Real Estate Services (Montreal and Toronto); and in 1990, BCFN Corporate Real Estate Consultants, acquired in 2000 by global firm Jones Lang LaSalle as a springboard for its establishment across Canada; • Executive Vice President Jones Lang LaSalle for three years until 2003, participating in its national expansion, leading tenant representation in Canada and member of specialist teams serving international needs of customers such as Bank of America, Citibank, Microsoft; • Conducted some of the most complex transactions in Montreal such as a merger of three insurance companies becoming FM Global; this mandate necessitated to concluding 6 real estate transactions in parallel for the project’s success; • Developer of innovative tools such work “Consensus Management©” and “Quantitative and Qualitative Modeling©” enabling more informed, reliable and faster decision-making; • Recipient of various awards: the No.1 individual broker within the RE/MAX Québec network for first quater 2015 based upon cumulative production; Montreal Dealmaker in 2007, 2008 and 2010 as awarded by Oxford; • Author of white papers on various aspects of commercial real estate, such as “The Implications and Risks of a Decision to Stay or Move” and “Minimizing Rental Costs “

Market Sectors


In the past, company growth was dependent upon increasing the size of its offices. Thanks to mobile technology, companies can now optimize space, focus upon employee development and creativity, all while minimizing costs. Today, decisions cannot be taken without considering the impact of the real estate upon all aspects of the business. The optimal real estate transaction should aim to support business objectives and allow full development of the knowledge worker.


Technology is constantly pushing client demands and thus the needs of industry: needs for space and functional design are constantly being redefined. . For companies to remain competitive, their facilities need support greater efficiency and flexibility of operations, while remaining easy to access and optimally located for logistics. The real estate transaction must enable the company to react as quickly as possible to industry changes and evolving customer demands.


The achievement of business objectives for companies working in the retail sector is a major challenge, especially in the face of online shopping. The key to a successful transaction must encompass a personalized real estate strategy that enables them to tackle new business issues while also allowing them to maximize revenues while controlling costs. Flexibility has become a matter of survival.


Restaurant operating margins are often slim in the face of strong and rapidly changing competition. Customer satisfaction requires a strategic location, business relevant facilities and a flexible real estate transaction allowing it greater control over operating costs and business decisions. Flexibility of lease terms can make a big difference in the business plan.